The Time Capsule

An event planning company that was asked to bid on the opportunity to design an art gallery's grand opening gala hired us to design their presentation. We felt tremendous pressure as how they presented themselves to their potential client was in our hands.

The task was to create a time capsule that contained the original design concept presentation, to further enhance the theme of their gala, which would set the gala in the future, and allow the guests to see the gallery's impact on the society over the part 50 years. We thought it was a great idea for a grand opening.

The gallery first received metal box containing instructions to deliver and open the time capsule. We used custom decals to cover all sides, including the inside of the time capsule. Once opened, the gallery was presented with a colorful book printed with transparent pages, a suggestion we made to the client to bring a futuristic style to the presentation instead of typical white paper. We hired a graphic artist to draw all of the themes and settings of the gala, and printed each "typical" page on 3-4 transparent pages, starting with the foreground objects and ending with the background objects, creating a truly 3D experience with 2D images. From start to finish, it truly was a design ahead of its time.