The BIRTH CONTROL Movie Project is the definitive effort to communicate the truth about Birth Control and its impact on the church, marriage, and family.

As the director for the project and the films, I designed the website, logos, color palette, artwork, and branding of the project, as well as co-writing the script, directing, and editing the films. 

The normal pace of a documentary allows me to be involved in multiple facets and roles in the production, keeping the budget down from having to hire multiple vendors - but we still rely on our team to write, produce, and deliver the products we are hired to create.

The project consists of two documentaries, printed, digital, & audio books, study guides, and more.


Below is a collection of the various elements that I completed for this on-going project. 

To the right are various business cards created for the project.

Below is a double-sided handout postcard for the team to distribute at exhibits, events, and to mail with product orders.