I was hired by editor and author Scott Matthew Dix to design a book cover for his newly republished book, OUTLAWED: How Anthony Comstock Fought & Won the Purity of a Nation, now available on Amazon


The Cover Design.

Tasked to make the 100 year old book accessible to a newer generation, I suggested we hire my associate Ryan Best to sketch a cover image since there weren't a lot of historical images available.

We sketched the image, and then inked it before I designed the final look that we see today. Ryan provided the art layers and I completed the vintage design in the spirit of the book but for a younger, newer audience. 

The Eco-Wallet Audio Book.

From there, we recorded an audio book version of Outlawed to sell in a physical MP3-CD 4 panel eco-wallet as well as downloadable MP3 files. I recorded the editor reading the entire book, and we even traveled to Australia and captured Dr. Allan Carlson reading the foreword he provided for the book. My job included editing and mastering the mp3 files, designing the 4 panel cover and disc surface, managing communication with the duplication company and printer, and creating product images for the product's website. Listen to the preface of the book below.

The e-Book.

We adapted the book cover for Kindle and tablets and created the e-Book, complete with retouched historical images and vintage sketches of the authors and editors.

Finally I designed posters, postcards, business cards, web banners, and more.


The Illustrated Novel & Animated Film.

The adventurous true story that I read in Outlawed was so engaging, that I suggested to the editor that we adapt the book into an illustrated novel and a moving-comic film for younger audiences, who need to hear a story on faith and history, but who wouldn't dare pick up a 200 page book, no matter how exciting it was.

To my surprise, the editor accepted, and we began our work on  a 90 page three volume illustrated novel.  We hired Ryan Best again to create the artwork, but instead of typical artwork, we tasked him to layer all of the panels in a way that we could separate the foreground, middle ground, and background objects for proper 3D animation.

I used my branding skills to design the layout of the illustrated novel for web and print, and I personally animated the short film, using specifically designed artwork that we created for both print and animation. Watch the trailer for the short film below.  Enjoy!