Directing Actors

Please watch my directing highlight reel below.

Highlights from my directing work from 2007 - 2014, directing children, adults, & mascots thru film, television, commercials, agency spots and music videos in the dramatic, action, comedy, musical and promotional genres.

About Kevin.

Kevin Peeples is a believer in Jesus Christ, husband, father of five blessings, and a filmmaker. As an entrepreneur for 15 years, his award-winning video work has spanned the globe. He is currently writing and developing a feature film, BRING HIM HOME.  

Most recently he has worked on the marketing and behind-the-scenes teams for War Room and Beyond the Mask. He is also the founder of Pro-Family Films and co-founder of The BIRTH CONTROL Movie Project. Kevin's calling as a filmmaker is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ with excellence and without compromise.

Hear Kevin's Story.

I invite you to listen to my recent speaking engagement at icuTalks as I open up about my prayer strategy and journey that got me to where I am today.

Hear amazing stories of answered prayer, powerful events that led to my involvement in War Room, and how I am fulfilling my purpose each and every day. 


Here is the development trailer for my current film, BRING HIM HOME. 

Based on the true story of a young Iowa housewife in the 1970’s, Bring Him Home follows a reckless young girl who falls for a wild con-artist and enters her marriage broken from the start. Finding herself betrayed and perpetually abandoned, she must control the burning rage in her heart before it destroys her marriage by waiting on the Lord for over 12 years to bring her husband home.


The 5 Day Adoption.

My most recent documentary film explores the incredible true story about the power of prayer and courageous faith in God as a family embarks on a fast-paced 5 day adoption journey.

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Duke-Energy Ads

"Busy Guy" 2011. For Duke-Energy.

We were asked by the agency to specifically make this spot look as if it was shot and edited by the main character, Shannon, for her YouTube channel.

"Lighting Ninja" 2011. For Duke-Energy.

We were asked by the agency to specifically make this spot look as if it was shot and edited by the main character, Shannon, for her YouTube channel.

Ashley Furniture Ads

Ashley Furniture's 2012 President's Day.

Watch as Chris, Austin and Coupon promote the Big Coupon Event at Ashley Furniture HomeStore!

The Coupon is back completing his training and ready to tell the world about the incredible offers at Ashley Furniture.

Comedic dialog spot of employees confused about the new offer.

The 2nd Best Salesman thinks he's all that as he promotes a free offer.

The 2nd Best Salesman promotes comfy mattresses with an offer you can't refuse.

It's just so... big.

Trash the Living Room Commercial.

Trash the Living Room Commercial, reinvisioned.

Trash the Bedroom Commercial.

Trash the Bedroom Commercial, re envisioned.

Our custom Ashley Anniversary Jingle, part 1.

Our custom Ashley Anniversary Jingle, part 2.

Featuring Chris, Austin, & Coupon in their popular jingle, remixed for the 3rd coupon event.

The popular jingle is back with an auto-tune twist.

Patterson Pope

The Melville file goes missing. At Patterson Pope, we make the annoying stuff in your work life go away. All by assisting you with our many organizing systems such as our bin shelving, modular drawer cabinets, and even our compact shelving.
In any office setting, it is an important duty to keep up with office supplies. Whether it be, printer paper, pens, to the always needed sugar packets. At Patterson Pope, we custom fit any of our storing/organizing products to fit your needs for your office. Because every person deserves clean sugar.
Instead of having "Stuff" sneak up on you, take the reigns of your business and attack your "stuff" problems. With Patterson Pope, you will not only have the tools to take on these problems head on, you'll be a more efficient, and more organized business.
Bob sets a trap for Stuffey in the rotary file cabinets.
Bob Chases Stuffey. You can chase stuff all day long, whether it be a document, fax or even the Melville file. Why not make your stuff come to you? At Patterson Pope we have the ability to store units at off site storage sites, being able to ship them to you, whenever, wherever.
At Patterson Pope, we can take the hassle out of "stuff", with our many storage/organizing methods such as our library shelving, rotary file cabinets, as well as our mailroom sorters. With our help, you can stop the "finding things" method and finally use the "Know where things are" method.

Bob makes a frightening discovery about stuff. in the ceilings of the office.

Bob wins the battle against Stuff. Or does he?

Music Videos

"This is War" is a pro-soldier anti-war anthem, playing on Sirius Radio, and listed on Neil Youngs website, Living With War Today. As an army veteran of the Panamanian Invasion and Desert Storm, songwriter Steven P. Richards understands the tremendous hardships our soldiers and their families face on a daily basis, both overseas and at home.
New Music video for artist Gwen Sminth.
The Original Music Video for Bo Bice's newest single, "Witness". Produced by Techinc Productions. Directed by Ramon Boutviseth.

Mr John Duncan "Enough For Me". Performance and Narrative photogarphed and directed by Kevin Peeples.

My Cinematography Reel

My 2014 Cinematography reel.