Cross Examined Set (version 2)

Cross Examined Set (version 1)

All images are lightbox enabled, so you are encouraged to click on each image to view full screen, as the detail will be more visible on a black background. Also, for the best viewing experience, please view in an area with little to no ambient lighting.

Knowing the room you are working in, my goal was to start with a blank palette, and my original idea was to begin with a solid black wall to then design from. But I decided to incorporate a subtle design that draws people in without distracting, so its intentionally dark in nature to be "the background" but with enough detail that over time it gives an interesting, creative backdrop to your presentations. This is also specifically designed for your current camera positions. After researching the camera angles you are already using, I designed a background that will look presentable not only in the wide-shot, but in your mid-shots as well, so the center of this back wall is specifically designed to fit the main camera position, as your current editing shows more from this camera than the wide camera.  More details on the framing of A cam and B cam follows below.

Please click the image to view full screen.

Please click the image to view full screen. While this is not the exact shape of your back wall, it gives you a representation of the wall, floor, and counter in a 3D environment. A more realistic shape of the actual wall in this design is below.

The following 7 photos give somewhat accurate proportions to your height compared to the overall size of the wall, the counter, and the HDTV. My guess is that you are currently projecting close to a 67"-70" HDTV, so I have presented three HDTV sizes below for you to choose from. Please click on the first image and use your arrow keys or the on screen arrows to flip between the images. 

38" tall Counter (Mockup)

To the left is a mockup of the 38" tall custom Counter, with full wrap around Dye-Sub material. Below is a mockup of the actual 20' Waveline Display with included lighting from two perspectives. Specs below.

  • Setup Time: 20-25 Minutes
  • Hardware Material: Aluminum
  • Graphic Material: 7 oz. Dye-Sub Fabric
  • Display Size: 90"h x 208"w (7.5'h x 17.5'w)
  • Subtotal (w/o shipping): $1,828.00 (20' Waveline Curve, Hard Carrying Case, Waveline Counter w/ Wrap, 4 LED Lights)

I would choose a solid black Comfort Tile 10' x 20' floor. Additional colors are available if you desire. This would give your set a 20ft wide footprint (about 1ft of flooring would stick out on either side of your Waveline Display, and a 10ft deep footprint, which once setup will give you about 17ft by 6ft of space in which to walk at maximum. See the wooden floor example above for an idea of how much room you will have to walk with the new flooring.)

  • Setup Time: 10-20 Minutes
  • Product Material: High Density Compressed Foam
  • Size: 2'x2' or 2'x4' tiles, multiple sizes & colors available
  • Subtotal (w/o shipping): $614.60 ($2.80sqft:10x20 Flooring , $52 Beveled Edge:10x20 Front Edge, & Electric Channeling - $1.45 per Tile ($2.60)

Your Current Camera Mockups.

Camera A Field of View Reference (Mockup)

Camera B Field of View Reference (Mockup)

An alternate option that brings more color but narrows your area to walk and pace includes the interior lit Picture Cubes. These would be 3 sided cubes and could be moved anywhere on set for multiple setups. A more narrow version would hide the TV stand, and would come off if others wanted to use a non-branded tv and stand. This option would bounce light around the set for an additional creative dynamic. We can incorporate additional stock photography into these Picture Cubes if you wish to proceed with this design. 

These mobile picture cubes feature interior lighting to "glow" from the inside. 

This is an alternate dual colored option of the Waveline Display background. Updated 8.12.14.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, and I will be happy to clarify anything that you need. I look forward to the next step. Thank you.