Cross Examined Set (version 2)

*For reference only. Items are not to scale. Please see the next image for more accurate scale.

Use this image to get an idea of the sizes of each item next to the back wall. 

Reversible Display Towers.

Examples of your Brandcusi Banner Stands. One will be 80" tall and the other 60" tall.

These Brandcusi Banner Stands are rounded at the bottom and thin at the top giving a unique look. They are printed on both sides and if they have a different image on the reverse, can be quickly rotated for an entirely new look. They setup in less than 5 minutes each. Below is a photo of the additional downlighting.

Below is a mockup of the actual 20' HopUp Display. Note that due to backlighting, there will be no overhead downlights in your package as they are no longer necessary.

Installation of the Case Wrap.

The CiERA EZ Fold™ Portable Flat Panel TV/Monitor stand oers modular light weight anodized aluminum truss sections that easily assemble without the use of tools. All assembly screws are embedded in the truss columns and are tightened with a few turns. Includes a Universal VESA mounting bracket for VESA 300x300 to 600x400.

ikan IFD576-S Featherweight Daylight LED Light (x3)

Two of these lights will be ceiling mounted in front of Frank for soft, balanced light, and the intensity can be controlled via touch screen or the smooth dial knob on the back of the fixture. 

Daylight balanced, cool to the touch LED light for faces.

LED touch screen and optional battery powered unit.

Watch the video for more information. Please note that we will be purchasing the daylight balanced unit and not the dual temperature unit. This is because in a dual temperature unit, half of the bulbs are reserved for one color and half for the other color temperature, so a single temperature light will produce a brighter light, and insert gels can easily change the color if needed. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, and I will be happy to clarify anything that you need. We need to submit designs this morning to stay on schedule and to avoid shipping price increases. Also the shipping prices will change slightly from the items listed above as these are just estimates.