For this project, I was tasked to build a platform for Bobby Conway, The One Minute Apologist.  He wanted to unify his multiple positions and brands from a single website - a concise platorm from which to speak. He had three requests:

  1. Keep a consistent design that can be an extension of The One Minute Apologist
  2. Create a Blog with maximum social media impact
  3. Build a social media network that make it easy to reach the target audience

By using the fantastic SquareSpace engine, we built a parallax website that combines all of Bobby's efforts into one place. He can blog and his entries will instantly appear on his top social media sites.  People can subscribe to his newsletter, and signups instantly go to Mail Chimp and built their appropriate newsletter list, so all Bobby has to do is be himself, and come up with what he wants to say to his audience. 


Well, just like I expected—UNBELIEVABLE. You never cease to amaze me. Your talent from God is utterly through the roof. Your creativity is an argument for the existence of God. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
— BOBBY CONWAY [Client, The One MInute Apologist]